Year 4 residential at Ford Castle

10th May 2023
Our Year 4 children spent three days at Ford Castle last week with other local year  4 pupils and they had an amazing time! The children impressed the teachers immediately with their enthusiasm as they arrived. They carried their own cases and bedding up a series of staircases, made their own beds, sorted their own clothes and were ready for action in no time at all.
The days were filled with activities like fencing, archery, buggy building, survival skills and problem solving. They scaled the heights of a vertical challenge, zoomed down the zip wire and completed an exhausting (rainy) assault course!
Our evenings involved songs around the campfire (with marshmallows of course) and a silent disco which was such good fun, Our children showed great resilience as they tackled each task; they encouraged and helped each other to keep trying even when the challenges were tricky. They celebrated their own success that of the other children in their group. I'm convinced that the skills they have learned through our Commando Joe's lessons have helped the children with their ability to work within a team and communicate effectively.
It was a great experience which I'm sure the children will never forget! And, we now know they can make beds, pack suitcases, order their own food and make friends in a new situation! What a great way to prepare for the future.