Trip to the National Museum of Flight, Scotland

7th October 2019
We had a fantastic trip to the National Museum of Flight, Scotland.  We divided into two groups - Class 1 & nursery in one group and Class 2 in another.  The first group had a workshop on Stories through Flight and then had a chance to look around the rest of the museum.  The second group started by looking around the museum and then had a workshop on Leonardo da Vinci and being an engineer.
The museum was excellent, highlights for us were going onto the Concorde, seeing the different planes through time and the interactive displays.  The workshops were excellent, informative and hands-on.  We think this has been a memorable trip to contribute to our topic:  Around the World (Travel and Transport).
Photos of our visit are below, but if you would like to see the videos we made for each group then please click here to go to the relevant photo/video gallery page.
The children's behaviour and enthusiasm was excellent; they were good ambassadors for our schools.  Well done everyone!