The Day the Dragon Came

11th May 2021
A few days ago, something strange happened in school.  The children found magical dust and a mysterious message.  The message told them something magical was coming and to 'seek and you will find'. The looked around school and found a beautiful book.  It was odd though, because the book had no writing in.  We tried to discover hidden writing but couldn't work it out.  
The children wrote to magical beings who might be able to explain to us where the book had come from.  We had a reply that only the rightful owner of the book could read it.  
Imagine our surprise this morning when the great great great great great grandson of the original owner of the book came to Lowick to show us that the book had an old tale in it about a dragon.  Then we met Sol the Dragon, who was friendly and the children (as villagers) helped to train the dragon to protect them and the book.
Afterwards, we had a workshop on using green screen so that we could place ourselves inside the dragon's cave, just like the warrior from the story in the book.  We also met Luna the baby dragon.
We hope to see them again one day - it has been the most amazing and wonderful day!  Pictures are below but if you would also like to see our short film please look in the video gallery pages or click here.