Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum trip

21st September 2022
The children had an amazing trip to Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum on Wednesday.  Linking in to our curriculum theme of Food and Farming, they visited the open air living museum with a workshop about Anglo Saxon life and farming.  They got to see the animals and learn about what Anglo Saxon farmers kept and what they did.  They also learned more about the Anglo Saxon culture and story-telling.  It was a very interactive and interesting workshop.  The children also visited the herb garden there which is a bit further on then our seedlings in the classroom!
As part of the trip the children also had an interactive workshop in Bede's scriptorium. This linked so well to the work in forest school as the children were able to identify some of the tools and equipment used - including the oak gall used to create ink as we had been using that (amongst other things) to dye fleece / wool last week!  The children also reinforced their learning about how we know about the past - how artefacts discovered by archaeologists help us to piece a picture together about the past, as well as Bede's writings.
All in all, this was a fantastic trip and an excellent time was had by everybody!  Please see below for photos and click here or go to our gallery tab to see a short film about our trip.