Problem setting and solving!

5th July 2022
Today the children worked in their houses to create an orienteering challenge for the other group.  This was a chance to see how far the children have come in working together as a team, planning, mapping, creating a workable orienteering challenge and then solving someone else's puzzle.
The teams came up with quite different challenges.  One was map based and the other had clues for each item as you went along with a map to help you if you got stuck.  One team created a sentence so that you had to find each word and then put them together to re-create the sentence.  Another team created a group of animals you had to find and then match to an original drawing.
We noticed that the children made decisions well as a team, with voting for each step in creating a challenge.  They worked together well to find all the items and put them together for the solution.  We were very impressed with their attitude and creativity this morning.  Well done everyone!