Remembrance Garden update

28th May 2021
This morning the children were helping to create our Remembrance Garden.  There is a lot to do.  We are starting by clearing away weeds and brambles to make the area ready for new plants - flowers and shrubs.  
The children were inspired by the work around the Jewish pilgrimage to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  They decided they would like to write or draw prayers or messages to God.  They suggested that we could have a 'prayer tree' and tie their messages to the trees in some way.  We are going to use our natural bunting to help us to do this between the two large trees.
Children have also been painting remembrance stones to go in the reflection area of the garden.  Luke Strangeways (from the nearby building site) kindly made us a wooden frame.  We are putting gravel into the frame to go with metal gazing balls and the decorated stones.  
We are also recycling car tires for planting and other uses in the garden and around our grounds.  As part of our Eco schools work, we have a 'peace path' through our remembrance garden which the children will decorate.   In addition to this, we have set up bird feeders as well as bee hotels under shelter.  We hope to attract and encourage local wildlife and insects.
It was hot work this morning so the children enjoyed an ice pop to cool down!  It was so nice, we stayed outside for collective worship this morning too.  It has been a lovely way to end our busy half term.