CSI Lowick

4th November 2022

We were lucky enough to spend the day as Crime Scene Investigators, learning all about forensic science from Mr Jon Bates who worked as a forensic scientist for more than 25 years before setting up the ‘Sci-High’ business delivering interactive workshops to schools.

Pupils acted as CSIs (crime scene investigators) wearing scene kit of white suits to recover evidence from the scene and find out exactly what happened.   There was a ‘crime scene’ set up in school and the children found and collected evidence including ‘blood’ spots on the window, fingerprints, muddy footprints, a crumpled drink can, a crowbar and a balaclava mask left at the scene. 

We got to take part in a range of scientific practical activities. They found out which of the suspects is guilty, and who did what in the crime, by examining and interpreting the evidence. Fingerprints (torch detection, magnetic brushes, conventional brushes and lifting), footwear impressions, DNA profiles (matching up barcode patterns) jig-saw fit evidence, chromatography ink analysis, handwriting and mobile phone records were the evidence types we looked at. The science behind the all the practical was explained at an appropriate level and the children were fully engaged all day, sharing ideas and working in teams to solve the puzzles.

There were lots of twists and turns in the whodunit storyline as more and more was revealed and finally some real surprise outcomes.

The whole day was absolutely fascinating and the children got very involved – at times acting as suspects, police, Crime Scene Investigators as well as judge and jury for the trial at the end of the day.  There were some very funny excuses given by our suspects but they got their just desserts in the end!

To see a video of the day click here or look under our photo / video gallery tab.