St John the Baptist celebration

24th June 2021
We had a wonderful time at St John the Baptist church in Lowick this morning.  The children had been finding out about the early life of St John the Baptist and performed a simple play based on the bible readings linked to his story.
As we are still unable to sing together in school we have learned sign language for key words in the songs we used this morning and the children did a great job having a go at this.
After our church service, kindly led by Charlotte Osborn (the Vicar of Lowick), we went back to school for a celebration picnic.  Our research about how people used to celebrate the feast day of St John the Baptist had unearthed some interesting facts.  Firstly, that we are celebrating his birth which is reckoned to be 24th June as that is six months before Jesus.  
Secondly, we read that people used to put out tables with bread, cheese and beer and invite everyone to join them to eat together.  The feast day is a celebration and all about friendship and community.  For this reason we had a picnic with bread and cheese (including cheese biscuits the children had made) amongst other things  Margaret also provided pretend 'beer' by creating a frothy soda ice cream float.  She also made a special cake with apples, pears and honey to reference John eating wild honey in the wilderness.
The children did very well at the service and thoroughly enjoyed their celebration.
The video we are able to share with you is from the rehearsal before the service.  Please forgive any imperfections - we had technical difficulties with the actual service but we are keen to still share our film with you so that you can have an idea of what it was like.   To watch the video please see our photo/video gallery tab or click here.