Dippy on Tour - Great North Hancock Museum visit

6th June 2019
We had a great day in Newcastle visiting the Great North Museum: Hancock to see Dippy the Diplodocus.  Whilst we were there we visited the 'Natural Northumbria' gallery.  Here captures taken from our wildlife cameras are part of the display.  We spent time here finding out more about which animals in our area are at risk or endangered.
We also visited the fossil gallery and tried to match the terrible teeth and claws pictures we had to the correct dinosaur.  This was a very exciting area - we were especially impressed with the tyrannosaurus rex!
Very importantly - we got to see Dippy.  What an enormous dinosaur he was!  The whole visit was very informative as well as being really memorable and engaging.  The children's behaviour was exemplary and we are incredibly proud of them.  Last but not least, we saw our colourful banner about protecting the environment hanging in the main exhibition hall.  This has been a great project and we have got a lot out of it throughout the year.
For photos and a second 'trailer' video about the trip click here.