South Africa Heritage Day

24th September 2021
We were very fortunate to welcome Kim and Doug into school to talk to us about South Africa on South Africa's Heritage Day.  Kim introduced us to information about South Africa and in particular how it was different before and after 1994 when it was decided to make the country a more equal place.  The children got to see things she had brought in, including South African money.
Kim explained about some of the different people who live in South Africa and about all the different languages that they speak. The children had a go at saying some of the sounds and words themselves.  At break time we got to try a traditional milk tart that Kim had made.
After break, Doug talked to the children about his job working with rhinos and some of the other animals which are endangered in South Africa, including elephants and lions.  Then Kim taught us a bit about gum boot dancing (see our video for our attempts!)  before finally reading the children a traditional African story.
It was a very entertaining and interesting morning which has given us all lots to think about.  Our sincere thanks to Kim and Doug.