Oceans Investigation

18th March 2019
We were delighted to welcome Dorinda Kealoha from the National Marine Aquarium North East this week. Linking with our animals and nature topic, Dorinda began with a Slimy Seas assembly. During this active session, the children learned that some under-sea animals produce slime to protect themselves from predators or to help them to move from place to place. There were some super actors present; we had limpets, a parrot fish and an octopus in the room!

Dorinda then led two exciting workshops. Fantastic Fossils saw the children become paleontologists - they used tools to reveal a fossilised plesiosaur which was hidden in sand and plaster. They were completely engaged and enjoyed finding the fossil skeleton and having a go at putting it back together. This was a
great way to consolidate our fossil knowledge from last term.

Finally, the children became marine biologists as they took part in the Ocean Investigation workshop. There were examples of sea creatures for the children to identify and compare and they discovered where the creatures live and what they eat.

The children really enjoyed the afternoon and learned so much! Dorinda was very impressed with the level of knowledge and interest from the children.