We are Church of England Schools

As Church of England schools, we are enriched and supported by the Church of England.  We work closely with the Newcastle Diocese and our local churches.  We are fortunate to also have strong relationships with the local Church of Scotland church which help us to work towards our Christian mission.
Our Vision is inclusive, loving and underpins everything we do.  We are Journeying Together - 'encouraged in heart and united in love' (Col 2).    We are dedicated to tackling barriers to learning and disadvantage of experience for all of our school community.  We consider the whole child, including the social and spiritual development mental wellbeing and cultural capital as we plan an exciting and engaging curriculum which fosters the natural curiosity of the children and makes connections between subjects, what they have previously experienced and what is planned for the future.  Consequently, our school has a caring and calm atmosphere.  The children work and play well together.
We value Collective Worship, we we have daily as well as our daily prayers at the beginning and end of the day and grace at lunchtime.  We encouraged character development so that our children are kind, respectful, and have the self-esteem and resilience to take on the world.  We are fortunate to welcome members of the clergy from both St John the Baptist in Lowick and St Mary's on Holy Island to lead collective worship weekly.  
We uphold the dignity of every member of our school community to help everyone reach their full potential.  We help the children maximise their gifts, ensure they have a voice and give them opportunities beyond the curriculum including free after school clubs every day, time in the curriculum to learn about and celebrate difference and diversity as well as a range of school trips and visitors to build their cultural capital and bring our curriculum to life.  As church schools, we commit to the Church of England statement of entitlement and seek to develop religious literacy and go beyond our statutory obligations.