SIAMs reports

We were inspected by SIAMs in May 2023 and we are delighted to let you know that both schools have been graded as good schools, with good collective worship and excellent RE (graded for Holy Island as a VA school).
Highlights of the reports for us are:
"Consistent with the intention of the Christian vision of journeying together, leaders strongly support the development and welfare of adults and pupils practically and prayerfully. This leads to a proud, harmonious  community where all receive encouragement to thrive."
"Parents appreciate the school’s loving, personalised and nurturing care of their children"
"Creative and thoughtful teaching means that pupils develop their knowledge and explore their spirituality. Irresistible RE is a powerful way in which this small, friendly and nurturing Church school is enabling pupils to flourish."
Each school "lives by its Christian vision to be encouraged of heart and united in love."
Our key findings for both schools from our 2023 SIAMs inspection are as follows:
The Christian vision is embedded and known. It empowers adults and pupils in their daily lives. This leads to all growing in their understanding of each other and the wider world. However, formal evaluation of the school’s Christian distinctiveness is underdeveloped.

· An impressive range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities broaden pupils' horizons. This enables them to be aspirational and to regularly experience moments of awe and wonder.

· Inspired by the Christian vision, leaders make brave decisions that support pupils in their learning, and families in their wellbeing. Pupils reflect this courage in their acute sense of justice and ability to challenge for change.

· Collective worship is a daily highlight. It creates opportunities throughout the day for prayer and reflection and contributes significantly to pupils’ spirituality. However, pupils do not routinely plan or lead acts of worship.

· Religious education (RE) is excellent. The deftly planned curriculum ensures pupils’ deep knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Christianity and a range of religions and worldviews.