Finding out about spices

2nd May 2019
To link with our work on India we began our investigation into spices, especially ones which are popular in Indian cooking.  The children were able to identify different spices and found out what different parts of the plant they came from. 
We found out that some spices are made out of seeds or they are leaves or rhizomes.  Others are the fruit of a plant, some are the flowers or buds and others come from the stem or trunk of a plant.
The children had a chance to work scientifically - sorting and classifying the different spices and answering enquiry questions.  They were very sensible when carefully observing and finding out about the different spices.
We will be finding out more about the different kinds of plant they come from as well before the end of this half term.  Of course, we won't miss a chance to do some cooking with spices now that we have had a chance to see which ones look and smell good (or otherwise!)