Lowick and Holy Island C of E First Schools Ofsted Reports

Both Holy Island C of E First School and Lowick C of E First School were inspected on 21st and 22nd November 2023.

We are really pleased with our outcomes which we feel reflect our schools and we were particularly pleased that they recognised our exceptional personal development as well as our “rich curriculum”.  Everyone is “accepted and celebrated” and they really liked the “warmth and understanding” that the children show to new starters and others.  We have always strived to match a caring and nurturing environment with a challenging and exciting curriculum and we feel that we have been able to demonstrate this even under the stress of a full inspection across both schools.   As small schools we had nowhere to hide and they looked at pretty much every book in school!

 It’s not often you see an Ofsted report sprinkled with such words as ‘remarkable’, ‘highly intelligent’ and ‘exceptional’.  They also noted that the children are “incredibly polite” to each other and children “talk wide-eyed about all the opportunities” available to them.   Best of all: “There are no limits to what pupils can achieve in their personal development.”  We are now working on ensuring more of our resources in our nursery are available for the younger children and to make sure we are always consistent in our pedagogy.  We might be small but we are delivering an excellent education and holistic care for all of our pupils.  Our staff have worked very hard to achieve this and we are very grateful for all of their efforts.


Lowick C of E First School was inspected on 4th and 5th June 2019.  The inspector noted that “Together, they have quickly forged a strong team with a united approach.” 

Teachers “have strong subject knowledge and plan work which challenges and inspires pupils” and our curriculum is “creative and challenging for all….enriched through a wide range of educational experiences, visits and visitors”.   In particular, Early Years provision provides “a wide range of stimulating and challenging learning opportunities which match the interests and needs of the pupils….Children are able to be curious, manage risks, investigate and explore.” 

Teaching assistants “have positive relationships with pupils and use questioning well to help encourage pupils to learn”.  Our governors have been recognised as a “strength of the school”.  Pupils are described as having “positive attitudes towards each other and are well mannered….[they] work together co-operatively in lessons and are confident to discuss their learning.” 

Our favourite part of the whole report is the quote from a parent, which says that “I don’t think my child would be as happy in any other school.”

Please see the document below to read the full report.