Year 4 Leaver's Prayers 2021

As we move on to a different stage of our lives, we look forward to going to new schools, making new friends and learning new things.  We pray that we have built something that lasts and that we will continue to build things which last and which will help us to live full lives.

 We are thankful for everyone who has helped us and supported us.  We pray that caring about others will be the mortar that helps us to stick with our friends and family, our values and the things we hold dear.   Help us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

 We pray that as we step into new places and meet new people, we will build up ourselves, and others around us, to make us stronger and to help make the world a better and more caring place.  

 We pray to say thank you to God.  We know that Jesus is our cornerstone and strong foundation.  We pray that he guides and protects us in our new adventures, knowing that we have a safe place in Him.  Help us to know ourselves and stand firm against any difficulties that might come our way, as a house built on rock can withstand rain and flood. 

 We pray that throughout all our lives we can build friendships, our self-confidence, happiness, knowledge and love for each other wherever we are and wherever we go.  We pray that what we build will last.