Timings of the school day

A typical day at Lowick School 
8:00am 8:30am  Before school care and time on the yard  
  8:30am school day begins
8:30am 8:40am     Morning greeting and Registration 
8:45am 9:05am Reading for pleasure groups / guided reading
9:05am 9:25am Small group sessions (i.e. Read, Write Inc / maths club)
9:25am 10:20am Lesson 1
10:20am 10:40am Snack and playtime
10:40am 11:40am Lesson 2
11:40am 12.00pm Collective Worship
12:00pm 1:00pm Lunchtime
1:00pm 2:00pm Lesson 3
2:00pm 2:10pm Daily Mile
2:10pm 3:00pm
Lesson 4 
school day ends
3:00pm 4:00pm
Mon - Thurs free after school clubs
3:00pm 5:00pm
After School Care (first hour free if at a club)
On a Wednesday it is slightly different:


The day begins in the same way but we have shorter morning sessions.
9:25am 10:10am Lesson 1
10:10am 10:30am Snack and playtime
10:30am 11:10am Lesson 2
11:10am 11:30am Collective Worship
11:30am 12:00pm Early Lunch 
12:00pm   Leave for the Swan Centre
12:30pm 1:30pm Swimming (including changing)
1:30pm 2:30pm
       PE in the sports hall
2:30pm          Return to Lowick School
  3:00pm        End of School
3:00pm 4:00pm        Free sports club after school   
4:00pm 5:30pm        After school care 
Our compulsory school day runs from 8:30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday.  This totals 32.5 hours a week.