We did Captain Tom 100 our way

30th April 2021
For our Active Day we combined England does the Daily Mile with activities for Captain Tom 100. 
We challenged the children to do 100 activities.  They did 10 each of skipping, hula hooping, burpees, press ups, star jumps, sit ups, sprint laps, trim trail, squats and dead lifts.  They recorded their progress using a sticker chart.  Everyone did very well and nursery joined in too.
Afterwards we did challenges from the Captain Tom100 website.  The children were asked to find objects as close to 100cm as possible, find things which weigh as close as possible to 100g, find 100 natural objects and create some outdoors art and see how far they could walk or run in 100 seconds and throw beanbags to score 100.
We had a great day and the children were brilliant.  Well done everyone!