Our 2021 Easter Play

We hope you enjoy our Easter Play.  You can watch it by clicking on this link:
Narrators:  Amy, Archie, Isabella, Lily-Ella, Noah and Scarlett-Beau
Jesus:  Ethan
Disciples:  Amba, Amy, Archie, Finn, George, Isabella, Joey, Juno, Layla, Logan, Noah and Olivia
Mary (Jesus' mother):  Casey
Mary (Jesus' friend):  Scarlett
Grumpy men:  Matthew, Max and Riley
Soldiers:  Caiden, Isaac, Joel, Keegan, Miriam, Pippa and Violet
Angels:  Ellie and Darcie
Sick and lame people being healed:  Layla and Leo
Everyone above and also: Cara, Ellis, Noah, Olivia, Sophie, Theo and Vinnie