Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP visit

25th June 2021
A little while ago, children in class 2 wrote to our MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan who is also the Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth.  The topic of the letters was all about working to protect our environment.  In particular, the children wanted to ask her to help make sure people all around the world have access to clean water, to reduce pollution and work to protect our planet.
Today, Anne-Marie Trevelyan came to our school to talk to the children about their eco-schools work.  We were working on posters to raise awareness of the key issues we had thought about and expressed in the letters.  These are:  clean water for everyone, stopping pollution, protecting our planet through sustainable living and giving nature a helping hand (looking after the natural world, for example working to support biodiversity).
The eco-school club members also took Anne-Marie on a tour of the school and highlighted the work they are doing on recycling, the toy-swap project, our composting and our gardening.  
The children were very excited about the visit and appreciated the chance to speak to Anne-Marie about their work and their passion for the environment.