Lindisfarne Gospels art workshop

17th November 2022
On Thursday, children in the main school visited Holy Island school to join in a Lindisfarne Gospels art workshop led by visitors from the Laing Gallery.  The children were able to draw on their experience of visiting the gallery earlier in the week and explored the art style from the Lindisfarne Gospels.
The children were able to explore how a simple line can be used to express emotion - sadness, happiness and excitement.  They then extended this to thinking about and developing their own 'shape' or symbol.  They thought about outlines and patterns.
The children then worked like 'scribes' to decorate or illuminate their initial letter using their knowledge of colour, line, shape and symbols and drawing on their existing knowledge about the Lindisfarne Gospel decorations.
The workshop was excellent and gave the children free reign to express themselves, linking past and present through their artwork.