Pilgrimage walk to Holy Island

29th June 2021
We have been finding out all about pilgrimage in RE this term and we thought it would be very appropriate to walk the pilgrim's way across the sands to Holy Island to get a feel for what it is like to go on a pilgrimage.
We have had a fantastic day.  We have found out so much more about the route across to Holy Island, for example how it used to be marked by stones.  We were able to see some of them uncovered which isn't always visible.  We also heard some stories about crossings made in the past. 
The children were excellent and a pleasure to be with on this journey.  Sam and Sarah finished our little pilgrimage with a prayer on St Cuthbert's beach.  A truly memorable and wonderful experience.  Thank you so much to all the staff for organising this and to our volunteer helpers on the day:  Dane, Pippa, Dana, Sarah, Sam and Charlotte.  Our thanks especially to Mary Gunn for volunteering to guide us across and inform and entertain us as we went.
There are many many more photos and one of our trailer films under the photo / videos gallery tab or click here to see them.