Geography fieldwork on Holy Island

20th May 2022
We carried out some excellent geography fieldwork on Holy Island.  The older children (years 3 and 4 - KS2) were thinking about 'Is Holy Island too busy?'.  They gathered information, numbers of vehicles, assessments of how easy it was to walk on the pavement, how busy it felt, how noisy it was and so on for several locations on Holy Island.  Afterwards, they were able to compare notes, collate data and share their thoughts between the two groups who went to different locations at different times to put together a picture of how busy the Island was on that day.  
The KS1 children (years 1 and 2) investigated what the village of Holy Island was like for visitors.  The children visited different parts of the village and noted what people were doing in different places and what each place was like to visit for them.  They were able to discuss their findings and feelings before writing up their findings individually.
The youngest children (nursery and reception) enjoyed looking around at the different types of transport available and were particularly interested in the boats!