Christianity around the World - RE afternoon

13th March 2023
The children have been exploring Christianity as a living and global faith.  We looked at Christian music, art and architecture from around the world.
We listened to the World Blessing song which includes over 250 languages singing the blessing from Numbers.  The children then had a go at matching up the Bible quote from Numbers to different languages - we had 15 different ones and they did a great job of working them all out!
Then we learned the words to the chorus of 'Imela', a Igbo praise song from Nigeria and sang along with a beautful harmonised version online.
Afterwards, we looked at Christian art from many different countries from all around the world.  The children were inspired to draw the 'many faces of Jesus' - they did lots of versions from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.
Finally, the children investigated some different churches and designed their own 'world church' drawing from some of their favourite examples from different places.