These additional learning ideas across the curriculum are organised by subject to help you find what you are looking for.
We don't want to overwhelm you with everything which is out there; these ideas are as well as, or an alternative to, the Summer term planning.
Please use these pages as somewhere to dip into to find ideas.  There is no expectation that your child will have done everything in the planning, or on these pages, so don't feel under pressure to cover everything.  We hope these pages are helpful as the weeks go on and we look for stimulating things to do with our children.
There are resources to help with tackling anxiety and developing positive well-being in the PHSE subject page.  I would also strongly suggest you use the e-safety resources on the computing page.  The teachers are at the end of the email addresses on the 'Contact us' page if you need further advice, have suggestions or need reassurance.
Above all, please be kind to yourselves and your children over these coming weeks.  We miss you and we look forward to seeing you all again.
The BBC has put together a series of lessons and programmes to support learning over the summer term.  They can be accessed online using the link below or via the BBC iplayer.