Now our children are online more than ever before it is vital that you ensure that they know how to keep themselves safe.  Adults should always supervise children's online activity.  We have advice for adults on e-safety for children on our e-safety page (click here).  (an excellent website with information and games organised by age from 5 years up) (lots of games and activities about being smart online)
Childnet resources - smartie-the-penguin (suitable for younger children aged 3 years up)
Childnet have also produced two e-safety stories with suggested discussion points and activities for children aged 3 - 7 years old (access to read online here or see pdf documents below):
As well as the coding section on Busy Things via School 360, here are some options for children to practise or learn new coding / programming skills:
Scratch website (free projects for age 8 up - also available as an app)
Scratch Junior website (for ages 5-7 - also available as an app)
Hour of Code (a wide range of activities for all ages)
Lightbot  (also available as an app) 
Tynker website (free during school closures -  learn how to code and mod minecraft)