Values & Ethos

Journeying Together
"Be encouraged of heart and united in love..."  (Col 2)

To foster a safe yet stimulating and challenging culture in which all individuals are valued, respected, nurtured, enthused and appropriately prepared for the ever changing world in which we live. 

In order to realise our vision we aim: 

  • To maintain a healthy, physically and emotionally safe and secure environment.
  • To promote respect and trust in self and others.
  • To promote collaborative teaching and learning thus valuing the opinions and perspective of all.
  • To value, nurture and celebrate the diversity of talent within our community and the wider world.
  • To promote a culture of creative thinking in an atmosphere where risk taking, experimentation and innovation encouraged thus embedding it in our practice.
  • To help all learners develop the strength of character and resilience to deal with life’s changes and challenges.
  • To celebrate success for its own sake to affirm and enable further achievement.
  • To promote high expectations of behaviour and learning through personalised target setting and pupil ownership.
  • To value the contributions of all stakeholders within the wider school community.
  • To nurture and enquiring mind and inspire a life long passion for and enjoyment of learning.
  • To provide opportunities for the children to reflect on issues which lie beyond the visible and material
  • We believe that the pupils of this school must be able to recognise and adapt to a society which is served by an increasing use of ICT related processes. To enable pupils to prepare for this we believe that all pupils must have equal and appropriate access to ICT resources. 

The spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development in a church school will be based on Christian values such as love of neighbour, the pursuit of truth and justice, challenge of service and duty and the experience of forgiveness.