The Liverpool War Museum Western Approaches are creating a series of videos and lessons for children about World War 2, including on rationing and wartime food, coding and morse code, evacuees and evacuation and so on.   This ties in well with our topic of War and Peace and is a nice way to engage the children too.
Please see their facebook page or website for more information.  Links are below.
World War 2 Lesson topics in order
Lesson 1:  introduction video of the Western Approaches HQ
Lesson 2:  rationing and wartime food
Lesson 3:  Coding and morse code (launching 8th April)
Lesson 4:  Evacuees and evacuation (launching 15th April)
Lesson 5:  Secret rooms of the secret bunker not normally open to the public (launching 22nd April)
Lesson 6:  Wartime entertainment  (launching 29th April)